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Circuit IQ is a great Investment

Would you like to increase your overall profit?

  • Lower Your Costs

    Save time by testing multiple electrical circuits simultaneously

  • Increase Your Manpower

    Save man-hours per job by safely testing electrical systems alone

  • Reduce Your Liability

    Identify electrical safety issues & isolate power with 100% accuracy  

  • Be More Competitive

    Offer your customers better pricing because you work smarter


  • Save Time, Save Money

    Doing electrical work? With Circuit IQ's patented digital mapping technology, you can save time and money throughout your project.

    Avoid adding additional cost to your project from installing additional circuits taking up unnecessary slots in your panel, and running redundant wiring through the house, by digitally mapping your house or business.

    Save time locating circuits by digitally mapping your house or business' outlets and devices all at once, the first time. Our easy to use app removes the process of repeatedly walking back and forth from panel to outlet, panel to outlet, for each breaker in case of a mystery device or outlet, eluding your sleuthing.

    Work smarter, not harder.

  • Renovations

    This year has brought many changes to the way we live and work, including changing the spaces around us. Those of us DYI'ers may be directing our time and attention to the area we're finding ourselves in more than ever, our homes.

    Not all of us are electricians, and the ESA allows homeowners to conduct electrical work themselves, provided you file the proper notifications and receive an inspection right after finishing the work. Renovations can encounter existing wiring, outlets, and lighting circuits that sometimes end up in the way of the new design, and need to be relocated or removed. Having confidence that you have properly isolated the correct circuits is crucial in electrical safety, especially for the average homeowner.

    Circuit IQ gives you, the DYI'er, the tools to know which circuits your existing outlets are located on. Using our plug-in device and software, you can digitally map all circuits in your house in minutes, knowing exactly what will turn off when you turn the power off. If you're like me and have used the radio or fan trick to figure out when you've turned off the right breaker, then this is the tool for you, and will save you time!

    Work Safe, Work Smart.

  • Smart Panels

    Are you the type of person who is currently automating your household with smart bulbs, smart plugs, smart breakers, smart montioring or uninterrupted power systems? If this is you, then Circuit IQ is the tool you didn't know you wanted.

    Upgrading your home to smart devices is an efficient way to make sure energy isn't being used unnecessarily, particularly when talking about smart breakers and loadcentres. When retro-fitting this new tech into an existing house, it's impossible to know exactly what devices are associated with each breaker right? Existing tracing devices can be inaccurate or have sensitivity issues during locating, often identifying incorrect breakers and causing lots of walking back and forth.

    Circuit IQ uses a patented method to digitally map your household or business. Plug in our device kit to your outlets and light sockets and open up the app infront of your electrical panel. Follow the on screen guide and within minutes, you'll be able to identify and label every device on your panel, allowing you to confidently implement your new breakers, ensuring devices are appropriately balanced across the board, and giving you the satisfaction
    of a job done right.

  • Digital Panel Registry

    When was the last time you were able to read the panel registry and were able to find the right breaker, the first time? Odds are, it isn't likely!

    At some point or another, electricians or home owners have done work in your home, installing new receptacles or additional lights, often tapping in to existing circuits nearby to save time and money.

    Circuit IQ's patented technology provides the ability to digitally map the circuits in your home or business, providing unique identifiers per device.

    Extracting this information creates a detailed panel registry breakdown, allowing for easy updates and storage, automatically. Avoid confusing and inaccurate panel lists with one that updates the network for all accounts registered to your gateway.

    Electricians and homeowners can be lazy when it comes to maintaining a registry that lists every device, costing you time and money in troubleshooting. Trust your panel registry and be confident in your safety when your house is mapped, with Circuit IQ.

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CircuitIQ makes the world safer through smart, digital mapping of electrical systems. We allow electricians to quickly and easily locate and map circuits with 100% accuracy, simultaneously check lines to identify electrical safety issues, and create a digital history of electrical work.