Our Innovative Electrical Panel Mapping System

 Power Mapping Kits

Our Innovative Electrical Panel Mapping System

Power Mapping Service


Did you know?

50% of all electrical fires are from undetected, overloaded circuits.

Almost all electrical injuries are accidental and often, preventable.

There are at least 30,000 shock incidents per year.

The Smart App will Collect,
Analyze, and Direct. Step by step.

Plug In

Turn Off

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“I saved my client money by finding available load capacity on their existing panel, Circuit IQ calculated this automatically."

- Electrician, London

“My customer is thrilled, they finally found their mystery circuits. What has taken them years only took me minutes.”

- Electrician, Toronto

“I mapped an entire 3 bedroom home in 45 minutes. This speed would have been impossible any other way.”

- Electrician, Kitchener

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