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CircuitIQ is the world first POWER MAPPING system that can map entire systems in a fraction of the time it would take with a regular breaker finder!

We collect the information digitally to automate other processes for you! Like labelling, panel directory creation or load capacity calculations.

A question I get often is, does this work in older homes that have shared neutrals among multiple circuits, and even active knob and tube wiring?”

Well, I got good news for you...

We actually created a tool that can power map MULTIPLE PANELS, with MULTIPLE BREAKERS feeding MULTIPLE LOADS at the same time from any distance, in any situation accurately!






Be Faster On the Job!

What is the #1 thing you ask yourself on a new job?

1. What does each breaker power?
2. Is anything over-loaded? 
3. Is the panel balanced?
4. Which breakers have available capacity?
5. Where are the floor plans and one-line drawings?

These are just some of the questions it can answer for you. Understand legacy buildings like you understand new builds!

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They Click Together! Just Like Lego!

Allowing you the ability to carry a ton of them and still have a hand free if needed.

We have thought of everything to make Circuit IQ easy for you to use.

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Work Safe. Work Smart.

Save Time

Stop guessing about is going on in those walls and know your power.

Make Money

Uncover more billable work by clearly seeing what else needs to be repaired.

Be Safe

Identify electrical safety issues and isolate power with 100% accuracy.

Be Competitive

Offer your customers better pricing because you work faster & smarter.

Put to the Test

Circuit Testing

  • Accurate Readings
  • Safety Testing
  • Testing Range
  • Testing Capacity
  • Data Capture
  • Labelling

Other Circuit Finders

  • 60-80%
  • No
  • Limited
  • Single Circuit
  • Manual
  • Manual
  • 100% Accuracy
  • Yes
  • Any Distance
  • Multiple Simultaneously
  • Digitally captures, analyzes & stores
  • Automates directories, labels & reports

We All Know Breaker Finders Suck...

If you're tired of going to sites that have missing electrical panel information? We've fixed that!

Identify power like a pro. No more typing each label one by one. Instantly print up-to-date circuit directories, re-print missing slot numbers, or label fast.

Finish jobs in a single visit and keep things evergreen.

Our tools are trusted. We put this tool through the paces with real paying customers.

Something happened during our testing that we didn't expect.

Half of the homes we tested needed extra billable work. When we found the problems, customers would ask us to fix it right there & then!

P.S Don't forget... THIS is could be a cash cow for YOU! 

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